Oct 5, 2016

1000 Moons above

Ever wondered how many Satellites are active today in orbit? the good people at the United Concerned Scientists have curated 'the Satellites Database' with more than 1000 operational satellites listed. [Download Here].

The UCS data-set has 26 variables including : Sat name, Owners, Country of origin, contractors, altitudes, apogee, perigee, inclination, period, launch date, purpose, user segmentation ...etc.

You can have a lot of information out from this set including :

  • How many satellites does a given country have in orbit, and what are they used for?
  • How many satellites are used for military purposes versus commercial purposes?
  • Which countries have earth-observing satellites?
  • When was the oldest working satellite launched?
  • At what altitudes do most satellites orbit?
  • What activities are most satellites involved with?

Here are some example charted visualizations I've created:

top satellite owners by country - Ehab Othman

"How many Satellites were launched every year?"

chord graph : Users vs Applications - Ehab Othman

Chord-Graph : Users vs Applications , bottom-right : Bar graph with number of Satellites per user segments

Sep 28, 2016

Global Terrorism Database : Overview

45 years of global terrorism, animation by Ehab Othman

The GTD (Global Terrorism Database) is one of the most important open-source data-set available online as it contains invaluable documentation of 45 years of global terrorism. Over 150,000 incidents including information about victims, terrorists, weapons, target segmentation ...etc. GTD team did an amazing job in building this set, they also provided a very comprehensive Codebook describing the methodology on how they collected the data as well as the type of each variable included in this data-set. [Link to GTD here]


I just started working on this project today, so here are some of the initial overviews and charts :

world terrorism overview 1970 vs 2015 by Ehab Othman
Global Terrorism : incidents chart 1970 vs 2015
Total fatalities per year by Ehab Othman

bi-variate chart, killed vs Wounded per year by Ehab Othman
Bi-variate chart : Killed "Red" vs Wounded "Blue" per year
total fatilities per targeted segments by Ehab Othman


This huge data set has a lot to offer, I -only- scratched the surface today & I need to dive deep in it... will keep you posted.

Sep 25, 2016

Visualizing Jordan : 100 years of Temperature

I consider myself a winter person, in fact I just hate hot weather of August and I keep telling everyone that the weather has changed a lot during the past 15 years. So I decided to do my own study to see how Climate Change affects Temperature in Jordan. 
Luckily historical data are available through World Bank's Knowledge Portal [Link Here] , the Set provides Average Temperature & Average Rainfall for the years between 1901 - 2012, absolutely Awesome and that's exactly what am looking for ... Now, let's dig in!

Hottest & Coldest Months of the year

August & January, obviously! but, let the data speaks for itself, here is a quick heat map by plotting values of Average Monthly Temperature in a "Months vs Years" plot where Red is Hot and Blue is Cold. 


Aug 7, 2016

May 10, 2015

10 PM at Rum

Rum Valley, Jordan - May 8, 2015
Rum isn't just the Desert , the Camels , the Sunset or the most Awesome people ... It's also about 10 pm every day when camps shut down their electric generators & absolute darkness wrap around you ... Only then you can look up to SEE how truly awesome is the universe .

Mar 28, 2015

Kashtis of the Creek

Duabi - UAE, March 2015 : Iranian ships [ Kashtis in Persian ] spend 2 days across the Arabian Gulf with a crew of three : the Captain, Sailor and a Cook - according to one of the sailors at the Dubai creek - shipping goods between both sides.