Nov 28, 2016

on Youtube

yaiy ... I just uploaded my first youtube video to my new daily vlog, the new channel will cover different aspects of my life: new experiences : Travels, Hiking, Diving, Interviews with awesome people, reviews & daily summery ... so basically there wont be a specific format for it ... for now it will be in Arabic, but hopefully will manage to add subtitles in the future.

Nov 16, 2016

V.M.C : Visual Media Consultant

Poor planning, poor documentation, pricing models, contracts, reviews “…etc” are some of the pitfalls that both #freelance artists and clients fall into within any visual project, whether due to lack of experience or bad work ethics or [ write down your reason here], it harms the creative industry badly … so that’s what am here for, I play Switzerland between Artists and Clients to make sure we have an outstanding #visual outcome and satisfied parties … a win-WIN-win project!

Nov 15, 2016

Nov 14, 2016

Nov 9, 2016

A Good View

Perfect View

Trail: Safsaf Forest to King Talal Dam
Distance : 18 KMs
Date : Nov 4, 2016

First training Session to climb Kilimanjaro Summit: Jan 15,2017

Safsaf Forest - Jordan

Good View, Good Company & Good Tea


Sep 25, 2016

Visualizing Jordan : 100 years of Temperature

I consider myself a winter person, in fact I just hate hot weather of August and I keep telling everyone that the weather has changed a lot during the past 15 years. So I decided to do my own study to see how Climate Change affects Temperature in Jordan. 
Luckily historical data are available through World Bank's Knowledge Portal [Link Here] , the Set provides Average Temperature & Average Rainfall for the years between 1901 - 2012, absolutely Awesome and that's exactly what am looking for ... Now, let's dig in!

Hottest & Coldest Months of the year

August & January, obviously! but, let the data speaks for itself, here is a quick heat map by plotting values of Average Monthly Temperature in a "Months vs Years" plot where Red is Hot and Blue is Cold. 


Aug 7, 2016